How do I end the piece?


US: sl st
UK: sl st

The Slip Stitch

Slip stitches can be used for many things. A slip stitch can be used to finish off a piece, especially if it’s being worked in a round. It’s the smallest / shortest stitch and as such it’s never used by itself.

1. Create a foundation chain of 6 chain stitches.

2. Insert your hook in the very last chain. Yarn over. Pull through the chain and the loop on your hook. Finished! You just made your very first slip stitch.

Continue going through each of the chain stitches on your newly created loop and keep making slip stitches to practice.

Weaving in Ends

If there’s one thing I hate about crocheting pieces, especially ones with multiple colors, is weaving in ends. It’s certainly not because it’s hard or anything like that; it’s extremely easy. It’s just time consuming. It’s a necessary evil.

Always work your end on the wrong side of fabric, so it will be less noticeable. After weaving in the tail, stretch your work a little to hide your ends even more, cut off any extra that becomes visible.

homework and quiz

Your homework!


Go through all your previous stitch pieces you’ve made throughout this ecourse and weave in all your ends.

No quiz! Review all the previous lessons before you jump into the Midterm