Round and round we go!

When you’re creating amigurumi working in a round is a vital skill you will need. There are various techniques and regardless of which you choose the outcome will be the same. So choose whichever is easiest for you. This will be mostly a video lesson, so rather than have a quiz at the end I want you to focus on which method is best for you.

The Magic Circle

This is my go-to way of starting rounds. It’s become second nature to where I don’t even think of doing it, it just happens. You’ll get there with your favored way soon enough.

Chain 2 Method

The chain 2 method, in my opinion, is an extremely easy way to start a round for beginners. It doesn’t add any new techniques but rather uses what you know already to create it. If you’re having trouble with the magic circle I suggest this method.

Sloppy Slip Knot Method

Now this is a new way I just recently learned to make a circle. It’s super easy and definitely a contender for the easiest way. Definitely give this way a go and let me know what you think!

Often times, regardless of which method you prefer you’ll finish off your initial ring with a slip stitch. There are different techniques when working with rounds, but I’ll cover that in a later ecourse. Right now, just get comfortable with making a round.

Working in a Round

Unlike flat square pieces, working in a round is a little harder in knowing when to start and stop. When you hit the end of a row you know you have. With rounds, you are continuously working with no obvious stop. Because of this a stitch marker is recommended. You can use actual stitch markers, or you can even use a spare piece of yarn.

Round 1

crochet working in a round

Round 2

crochet working in a round

Round 3

crochet working in a round

Round 4

crochet working in a round

Round 5

crochet working in a round
homework and quiz

Your homework!

Practice the round technique of your choice!

Make several circles of differing stitches. 6 single crochet, 8 single crochet, 10 single crochet.

Repeat as necessary.

No quiz for you today! Take the time to practice creating your rounds until it becomes second nature!