Graduation!!! Congratulations! Now that you know the basics of crochet check out a few of patterns that you can now easily make! I try to make all of my patterns beginner friendly so even if something looks difficult they’re all made from basic stitches that you just learned.

I’m so proud of you for getting through my very first ecourse I made you some buttons to show off. These will link back to the ecourse so if others wish to join you in crochet knowledge they can!

If you’d rather a button that shows off the entire ecourse I created a bigger one. Thank you so much for linking back and sharing.

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PDF downloads are a huge convenience that allows crocheting from a pattern anywhere and everywhere, even without internet access.

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Patreons receive patterns a week or more before I release them anywhere else. Not only that, they receive sneak peaks and updates throughout the month.

  • 20% off of my Gumroad patterns!

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