As a person that has spent 4 hours straight wiping on Titan EX trying to bring FC members through only to watch them fly off the side, I’m not one to rage quit. Wiping on content over and over again never truly bothered me so long as there was clear progression and learning. I have no problem teaching, correcting, and since I’m far from perfect I admit my own mistakes while swearing to myself to pay more attention to keep from doing them again. Tonight, during my coil static, I hit my boiling point.

We’ve been on T6 for 3 weeks now. We run 2 hours a day max, for 2 days a week. We’re not hardcore by any means. If our members had to miss a night, or two, or apparently 4, we were ok with pugging it. By ok, I mean of course we utterly despised it, but we understood. Jobs, sickness, wives/husbands happen.

We’ve been wiping  T6.. for.. 3 weeks. We had our setbacks. Things I could blame it on. Missing members, forcing us to pug for dps that were out damaged by our tanks…. Maintenance, that kept us from going our max time…. But I can’t do it. I can’t blame it on that anymore.

My, once filled with call outs, chatter, questions, and suggestions for improvement, TS channel was completely silent tonight for the second week in a row. Only I was talking. Only I was making call outs. I found myself just standing there, unable to dps to my potential, constantly babysitting and watching the party window. On a rather constant basis, members were messaging me in private windows complaining about either not getting healed, vines not being broken, slugs not being pulled, dps not fast enough or too fast. Rather than correcting while it was happening they decided to wait and complain afterwards.

Tonight, we had people not being eaten while having the honey debuff. We had people running hand in hand with vines on. We had people running around during bouquet. I watched certain people throw each attempt, on what I can only assume on purpose.  After 3 weeks….

During each attempt my voice was the only one spoken. “Yellow on …” “Watch what side you’re on.” “Get away from the tanks.” “Rotate.” “Bulb behind us.” “Middle.” ” …. Get eaten.” “Yellow on…” “It’s on me.” Honey on ..” “Get the slugs off …” “Group up.” “Burn it” “Break the vines” ” … needs heals.” “… stop, …. can’t go any further, break the vine.”  My dps went into the gutter. I was furious. I was playing the game for them. I allowed them to have tunnel vision. Only paying attention if their name was called, and most times not even then. No one had the ability to adapt if things didn’t go exactly as planned. If I didn’t tell them to get eaten they didn’t do it ….after 3 weeks.

I didn’t yell. I didn’t scream. I probably should have. I most likely lost my tank tonight. He was a bit more hardcore than the others and the 3 weeks of wiping strained his patience. I plan on replacing another. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t stop myself from breaking the entire static apart. Thankfully we had maintenance tonight which forced us to log and allowed me time to cool down.

I’d love to hear some horror stories to cheer myself up.

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  • Vyre says:

    I heard you found this new dope ass Tank/DPS hybrid who also offshoots healer sometimes. I also heard he’s helped lead you victory like a total bad ass. :3 Blog needs an update!

    • Morri says:

      [Looks back at when joined static…] Date Registered: March 24, 2014

      -DO’H- !!!

      Damn, was that turn really that bad? I don’t remember it being that bad.. well would love to see some new updates

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