What are your thoughts on live-action video game trailers? It’s an interesting concept. One that if pulled off correctly can really bring your favorite franchise or story to life in a more real sense than ever. If done wrong it leaves you staring at someone that couldn’t pull off the muscles and anime hair until it finally ends with your palm smacking your face.

I’ve never really been able to form an opinion. I’ve seen an equal dose of train wreck and well more train wreck. I still find myself hoping and wishing to see something amazing. I see the potential of fantasy brought to life that makes me yearn for perfection. Having said this here are a few trailers that you either hated or jerked off to. Don’t worry, it was your little secret. No one saw you with your Halo helmet on. ….Or that weird blue Link hat you managed to come by because you are the biggest hardcore LoZ fan ever. Look at you, up on your high Epona looking down on all them greenies. Pfft, wannabes.

So when you look at these do they make you want to purchase the game? Most of the games I see with LAT (Yep, I got lazy,) are games that people were going to buy anyway. They’re games in a franchise were if you purchased the first one and liked it you are 90% sure to purchase the next in the series unless there is evidence that the game is horrible. Well.. having said that I bought ME3 even though I heard the ending was terrible. I was then a ragebaby for at least an hour about the ending… and I still become one whenever someone mentions it. But the point is, video game trailers are supposed to showcase the gameplay, the graphics, the new features. LAT does none of that.

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