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I’ve been more fortunate than many artists.  I have a very supportive, encouraging SO. People actually like what I do. The past 2 years I’ve had a full commissions list, often with a 1-2 month waiting list. Even if people cancelled, I managed to fill it back up. My patterns have sold, and I’ve had patrons and subscribers that pre-purchase patterns with 0 knowledge of what the pattern will be. I’ve been beyond fortunate. Which makes the next step much harder to do.

I’ll be closing commissions, Patreon, and my Gamewisp for a short time. I’ll be posting one more pattern for my patrons and subs, Belle from Beauty and the Beast at the start of August. I also have about 4 dolls lined up in commissions that I agreed to before that’ll stop.

A very large part of me continued to do these things rather than worked on sustainable business ventures because the money was there. It wasn’t enough to live off of, but still there it was. I can’t do commissions and pay the bills unless I raise my price, again. To tell you the truth though, I don’t want to do commissions for a living. It can be very tedious. There’s something about being stuck in a little box, only doing what others want of you that after time it becomes incredibly boring. Commissions take a good chunk of my time as well. It’s hard to set some aside just to create. Why, when I have time to crochet, would I spend it on myself when others have paid for that time? So, while I’m grateful for every commission I do, I’m looking forward to the freedom that stopping commissions will bring.

Patreon and Gamewisp has given me a chance to see how running a monthly subscription can, and does work. It was a very interesting experience in the sense that I didn’t expect anyone would be willing  to pay monthly for a surprise pattern. My Gamewisp and Patreon were geared towards video game patterns and I don’t want that to be the only thing I do. I will be reopening subscription pattern services, but they’ll have a lot more variety which I’m very excited to show. I’m working on a variety of patterns and would like to get a nice stock up before I relaunch everything.

“Please look forward to it.” lol

*** I gave a week’s notice for Patreon and Gamewisp for everyone to grab their downloads. If you were unable to or missed the notice please contact me on Twitter, Facebook, or email: Bobbi[@] with your account details. Thanks! ***

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