I started crocheting about 5 years ago. I saw the cutest handmade Sackboy and I was so sad that it was out of my budget. So I went out looking to see just how hard it would be to make one of them myself. I’ve always been crafty; I knew I could do it. I found a pattern by GoldenJellyBean who had even given video tutorials on how she completed her Sackboy. I looked through the pattern, saw the stitches I needed to learn, and dove in. I finally was able to make my Sackboy. And I honestly don’t know why I continued… haha. It looked nothing like what it was supposed to!

artgamepic2Thankfully, I didn’t stop. I tried again, and again.  Until I finally made a doll that resembled what I wanted it to look like. I started to branch out and create my own. I looked at other free patterns. I changed, added, subtracted, and used whatever I found to suit what I wanted to create.

During a time when money was tight. Electricity, cable, etc was getting turned off on a regular basis. Selling my dolls was the only thing keeping it all going. I would be short on a payment and in came a custom order for a doll. I don’t think they ever realized how truly grateful I was to work. For months they saved me.

Now I wish to give back. I’ve started to break the bad habit of not writing what I do down. I hope you’ll try out my patterns, tell me what you think, and start creating!


I started blogging a few years ago following my World of Warcraft characters Cathryn, NE Shadow Priest extraordinaire and raid leader, and Kireifu, BE Shadow Priest goofball. No I didn’t RP, but I did enjoy Shadow Priest and running around. Once I finished with WoW my blog shifted towards Heroes of Newerth content. It was all mostly opinion pieces, but I tried to provide guides and addon showcases. Because of my blog I was asked to join Honcast’s podcast, but was forced to quit as more hours opened up at work for me and well if you read the crochet part you know the rest.

adfadI officially had no time to write or really enjoy games. I felt bad though. I still had followers, still received comments. In the end I decided that I, myself, hated going to a dead site so I assumed others felt the same way and completely deleted the blog. I regret that. I should of kept it open. Now I am starting from scratch. I don’t think I’ll be able to blog as often as I used to, but I would like to try and get back into the swing of things. My writing style has fallen to the wayside. I don’t feel as personal as I used to. Hopefully you’ll stick with me while I work on getting my groove back.