In the beginning…

ArtisticGaming began materializing in 2011 when I began uploading pictures of dolls I had made for friends on DeviantArt. I started off exploring WoW characters, which lead to a feature in WoWInsider in November, 2011. I opened my Etsy shop in December with a line of Mass Effect dolls. I sold 2 dolls within a few hours of opening shop and received 2 commission requests within a day. It was so unexpected and really made me want to pursue ArtisticGaming full time.

Afterwards, I began playing the moba Heroes of Newerth almost exclusively which began showing in my work. Staff of S2, the studio behind HoN at the time, began commissioning me for more dolls from their game. You could even spot them in some of their update and patch videos.

ArtisticGaming Today

ArtisticGaming has become my full time job today. Not only can you get custom work, but due to demand patterns are now available. I began making Youtube videos showing off patterns and streaming on Twitch for those that like to watch the progress of making dolls. Soon I plan on offering supplies and kits for those that wish to create their own dolls.

I’m really happy about the future of ArtisticGaming.


Interviews and Publications

WoW Insider
November 10, 2011

My first interview ever with my earliest sack dolls.

If you’ve ever played LittleBigPlanet, you’re probably familiar with the Sack People — crocheted little characters that can be customized with assorted bits of wardrobe to look however you’d like them to look. For crafter Bobbi, otherwise known as Kirei of Artistic Gaming, the Sack People of LittleBigPlanet have taken on a life of their own in full-out, three-dimensional, cuddly crocheted sackdolls. But Kiriei’s taken the idea of crafted sack dolls one step further on her blog, crafting recreations of characters from all sorts of video games, including World of Warcraft.

Otome Tea Time

November 20, 2014

My first Brazilian interview.

Resumindo, crochet passa fronteiras ….E que é amor demais ♥ .q A Bobbi foi super educada e de cara já me apaixonei pelo trabalho dela, eu sei o quanto crochê da trabalho e o amor dela por isso é contagiante. Como não achar essa arte maravilhosa? Penso que todos deviam tentar algum dia, como ela disse é algo pra poder relaxar, sem contar que você fica super feliz quando termina algum projeto.

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