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My favorite part is creating original video game characters that people have spent 2 -3 years playing, immersing their lives, and developing. Those games have to end at some point. Often with no physical item to relive those memories or those fantastic stories. Knowing I’m giving something that will bring happiness for years is very rewarding.

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organize yarn

Organizing Your Yarn Stash

| Blog | No Comments
Ever since I've become a pattern designer I've found it increasingly frustrating to not have my yarn properly categorized. I used to put the tags and names of each color in a folder, but that quickly turned into a mess of it's own. Desperate, I went to my dear friend…

Closing Commissions, Patreon and Gamewisp

| Business | No Comments
I've been more fortunate than many artists.  I have a very supportive, encouraging SO. People actually like what I do. The past 2 years I've had a full commissions list, often with a 1-2 month waiting list. Even if people cancelled, I managed to fill it back up. My patterns…

Hurry Up! ..Wait… Hurry Up! ….Wait..

| Blog, Business | No Comments
I feel myself being pulled in all sorts of directions lately. I certainly didn't think starting a business would be easy. Or did I? (more…)

Crocheting Hobby to Business Part 1: Taking the Leap

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I thought it might be fun to document my journey in turning my hobby of crocheting dolls into a business. I tried reading guides and other blog posts on the subject, but I felt they were lacking with more information. Telling people to "Just do it!" is great, but if…